Fire assembly point sign : When it comes to the correct positioning of this safety sign, the general rule of thumb is, it must be positioned a distance equal to twice the height of the building. So, if a two storey building is 8 meters high, the assembly point must be 16 meters away from the building.

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The prime cause of deaths during a fire in such crowded places is suffocation due to smoke. While entering the premises, one must keep a mental note of all the exits in crowed places. Since such places are always crowded, the chances of a stampede caused by panic are high. But if you know the exits, then you can quickly escape, and maybe even help those around you. Most of the Malls and convention centers also have exit signs which glow, which will help you even through the smoke. Make sure you crawl down in case of heavy smoke and not walk straight so as to be able to breath and not suffocate.

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