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A firefighter requires some formal education. Learn about the training, job duties and job extension projections to see if this is the right career for you.

Firefighters are the strong individuals who go head first into the heat and threat to control and smother fires. Individuals pursuing this career may earn an associate's or bachelor's degree in fire science as well as receive an emergency medical technician certificate and complete the firefighting academy. This market is growing as fast as the average of all job markets.

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Pelican Services Sales

The challenge of approaching a complete stranger and communicating so adeptly with him that you can change his mindset in a matter of few minutes ?
Do meeting challenges and thinking on your feet come naturally to you ?
Can you empathize with your customer ?
Are you a focused and optimistic person ?
If 'yes', welcome to Pelican services approach to fire safety and fire protection which specializes in providing solutions for detection, suppression, fire fighting, security, retreat and services. We have a wide range of life-saving products created using cutting edge technology to give our customers the protection and security they deserve.

Pelican Services ​Accounts & Administration

Are you good with numbers and people ?
Do you think you have good judgment and the ability to make good decisions ?
Do you think you can win the respect of others and lead a team of people ?
If your answers to these questions are 'yes', then Pelican services could be yours. The Accounts and Administration department of Pelican services forms the backbone of the organization and envisages a greater role than simply maintaining the accounts of the organization and fosters the leadership ​ and organizational capacities of the individual too.

​Pelican Services Technical Support

At Pelican services, no project is too big or too small for us. With an experience of giving projects in fire safety and security in India, we are ready for all sorts of difficulties. A technical support team of people skilled in electromechanical installations and PEC is capable of delivering results for the most complex problems in the most challenging of environments. We are good, nay, great at solving problems. Take a look at our list of clients who also think so and see for yourself.

Pelican Services Specialized Support Functions

A legacy is not built in a day. Welcome to Pelican services. Welcome to a legacy built on lifesaving products which save a life every 5 minutes and helps win the trust of customers every month. This is a legacy that ensures that one Pelican product is sold. This is the legacy that has helped us carve out our presence in over cities in India and helped us climb the steps to the international source. Do you have it in you to be part of this legacy?

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