Refilling of fire extinguishers


1) All fire extinguishers should be refilled as per the due dates mention on the fire extinguishers
2) A practical demonstration should be given at the time of refilling as it will train your personnel and help them to fight fires safely, in case of a real fire accident.
3) All Cartridge type fire extinguisher should be refilled at your premises only
4) It's advisable to discard Stored pressure fire extinguishers with new as it will give you 3 year warranty
5) Co2 fire extinguishers should be refilled Once in 5 years or if the Gross is 10% less than the stamped weight or if it is found empty
6) Only empty fire extinguishers should be sent out for refilling
7) The Fire extinguishers that are brought back after refilling should be weighed to match with the Gross weighed stamped on the fire extinguishers. If it is does not match, it should be sent back for the necessary correction.