Aerosol Generators

Advantages of the aerosol fire extinguishing generator

In order to successfully put out fires and save lives, health and property, aerosol fire extinguishing generators are now widely used. Their principle of operation is significantly different from the principle of the traditional means of extinguishing a fire, which leads to a number of advantages.
Aerosol extinguishing methods are selected primarily because they have the following advantages:
• Rooms need not be evacuated during the extinguishing process
• The flooding of the area is done very quickly in less than 5 seconds
• There is no danger of suffocation at any time
• The oxygen consternation level will not be reduced significantly
• More over the aerosol itself is non toxic and it may be inhaled without any health risk
• The high aerosol consternation will not let a new outbreak of fire
• Any residue can be eliminated quickly and easily
• Effective extinguishing of fires, including those in large volumes;
• No harmful effects on the environment
• Do not ruin any available property or equipment;
• Do not require any special maintenance costs;
• Economical as it has a shelf life of more than 10years

Disadvantages of aerosol fire extinguishing generator

They are best only indoors. In outdoors, it will not reach the necessary concentration to put out the fire.