Hydraulic Pressure Testing of Fire Extinguishers

Guidelines for Pressure testing Schedule:

01) A practical demonstration should be given at the time of refilling as it will train your personnel and help them to fight fires safely, in case of a real fire accident.

02) A Batch of 15Nos to 20Nos fire extinguishers should be emptied and advantage should be taken by giving an demonstration to your employees in basic fire fighting operation and usage.

03) After pressure testing the fire extinguishers, it has to be painted and then refilled and installed in its respective places.

04) Care to be taken that all the fire extinguishers are not from only on location but different locations ( eg: plant 1, 2, etc,)

05) It is advised to complete the HPT of AFFF, Co2/Water type and DCP first as the pressure testing can be done in your premises.

06) After replacement of fire extinguishers that have failed the pressure test.

07) New batch of fire extinguisher have to pressure tested while empting the fire extinguishers advantage should be taken by giving an demonstration to your employees in basic fire fighting operation and usage.

08) Co2 fire extinguishers have to be taken out for pressure testing.

09) When they are returned it has to be returned along with a pressure testing certificate issued by the authorized personnel registered with the Dept of Explosives Govt. of India

As per IS: 2190 ANNEX-E Schedule for Hydraulic Pressure testing of Fire Extinguishers
E-1 Every fire extinguisher installed in premises shall be hydraulically pressure tested as per schedule given below. There shall not be any leakage or visible distortion. Extinguisher which fails in these requirements shall be replaced

S.No Type of Fire Extinguishers Test Interval Year Test Pressure kg/cm² Pressure Maintained for minutes
1. Water type(gas cartridge) IS 940 3 35 2.5
2. Water type(stored pressure) IS 6234 3 35 2.5
3. Water type(gas cartridge) IS 13385 3 35 2.5
4. Mechanical Foam(AFFF) Gas Cartridge IS 10204 3 35 2.5
5. Mechanical Foam(AFFF) (Stored Pressure IS 15397 3 35 2.5
6. Mechanical Foam(AFFF) Gas Cartridge ( Gas Cartridge) (IS 13386) 3 35 2.5
7. Mechanical Foam(AFFF) Gas Cartridge ( Gas Cartridge) 135liter (IS 14951) 3 35 2.5
8. Dry powder(stored pressure) IS 13849 3 35 2.5
9. Dry powder type(DCP) IS 2171, IS 10658, IS 11833 3 35 2.5
10. Clean Agent (IS 15683) 3 35 2.5
11. Carbon Di Oxide IS 2878 5 250 2.5

E-2 The Carbon dioxide (Co2) type and Halon 1211 type fire extinguishers shall be pressure tested every time the cylinders are sent for recharging(after periodic discharge test or otherwise) to the pressure specified in the relevant Indian Standard specifications.